Wednesday 23 October 2013

Aquaponics transforms people and landscapes at Curtin Immigration Detention Centre

Staff at Curtin Immigration Detention Centre  have established an innovative, low-cost, environmentally friendly method for growing organic crops and fish - Aqualand. 

It is based on Aquaponics and uses an integrated recirculation system. It conserves water, and is both pesticide and pollution free.

In 2010, Serco staff brought the innovation to life by submitting a thought-provoking proposal to present the concept and outline the benefits to centre management and Serco's customer, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The proposal was so inspirational the project was established as part of the development of the Curtin Centre.

Aqualand has brought Serco staff and those in our care closer together and transformed the centre's desert landscape. Fresh barramundi, produce and garden stock are regularly donated to charities and neighbourhood groups, enriching Curtin's engagement with the local community.

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