Friday, 6 December 2013

Aquaponics Research as a Solution to Global Environment Issues

All over the world, academic and research institutions are delving into aquaponics to address global environmental problems.

The average person is unaware of aquaponics because it has not received much press. Those that have some knowledge in aquaponics have largely been exposed only to the inconspicuous backyard project. However, since The New Alchemy Institute first experimented with integrated aquaculture more than 30 years ago[i], global interest in the aquaponics has risen steadily. In fact, an increasing number of universities are exploring aquaponics' potential in addressing global environmental issues.
  • Vancouver Island University, Canada[ii];
  • Lethbridge College, Canada[iii];
  • University of Virgin Islands, United States[iv];
  • University of Florida IFAS[xx];
  • University of Arizona[xxii];
  • University of Hawaii Windward Community College, United States[v];
  • Ambler Temple University, United States[vi];
  • Berea College, United States[vii];
  • Cornell University, United States[viii];
  • Chicago State University, United States[ix];
  • John Hopkins University, United States[x];
  • Loyola University, United States[xi];
  • West Virginia University[xxi];
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States[xii];
  • Iowa State University[xxiii];
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia[xiii];
  • Stellenbosch University Welgevallen Experimental Farm, South Africa[xiv], [xv];
  • University of Zurich, Switzerland[xvi];
  • University of Shizuoka, Japan[xvii];
  • Al Ain University, United Arab Emirates[xviii];
  • Fiji National University’s Aquaponics Farm, Fiji[xix].
  • Purdue University Extension [xxiv]
Clearly, aquaponics can play a big part to resolve some of the world’s most pressing issues and we invite you to learn more about aquaponics and share your views on our forum.

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