Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tilapia Farm in Abbotsford BC

Sumas Lake Aquafarm intends to bring in new batches of about 20,000 fingerlings roughly every month and grow them out to harvest size at around 750 grams within eight months. The harvested fish will be hauled live in tanker trucks to the Asian food market in nearby Richmond and Vancouver.


  1. Congratulations for the success story. I live in New Westminster and when shopping for fish at the markets I usually consider buying fresh tilapias. I have a degree in marine sciences, and for a brief period through the last two years was involved as a consultant with an aquaponics farmer in Richmond.

    Even though his hydro system ran well, the business model failed, mostly due to the selection of the wrong type a fish (ornamental instead of commercial tilapia). There were other practices such as a poor management of the produce and seeds that caused him to abandon the project as a manager. I think the operation still runs under a different owner now. Anyway, this comment is to offer you my support. I am interested in being part of the industry of tilapia growers in BC, both as a sponsor and as a business. Quality of fish is key when buying fresh tilapia and that is one area that needs to be addressed.


    Marco Antonio Murillo
    Research + Development


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