Saturday 16 August 2014

NBC Recognizes Aquaponics As A Solution To The World's Increasing Water Shortages

NBC recently featured The Farming Fish, an aquaponics farm in Oregon, to highlight the importance of sustainable farming in this time of drought.

Not only is drought plaguing half of the US, but water is becoming a scarce resource all over the world. China is experiencing its worst drought in half a century and it's happening in the worst place possible: China's bread basket.

Government central planners in India are fuelling a black market for water and farmers are using hunger strikes to protest the lack of water. Spain is experiencing it's worst drought in 150 years while in North America, the crony capitalists at wall street are moving to Enronize water resources.

The future is uncertain, but it seems clear that producing food in a way that drastically reduces water consumption is something we should be pursuing now.

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