Tuesday 12 January 2016

Certified Naturally Grown Aquaponic Standards Released

The peer reviewed grassroots certification body CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) have released their Aquaponics Standards previously in draft form.

These standards include:

1. System Design and Components
2. Materials for Main System Components and Growing Media/Root Support
3. Water Sources
4. Monitoring
5. Inputs for pH Adjustment
6. Waste Use & Disposal
7. Crop Production and Management
8. Fish Management
9. Location and Buffers
10. Energy
11. Record Keeping
12. Inspections

Click here to view them

It would be good to hear your comments.

Some notable items:

  • Degassing is required (not just aeration)
  • Good to see solids removal requirements. (Worms cannot be relied upon to consume solids)
  • Polystyrene that has HCBD (hexabromocyclododecane) is not allowed. Something to check into when purchasing materials for rafts.
  • Used IBC totes not allowed.
  • Seedling grow plugs containing fertilizer are prohibited
  • CNG certified organic seeds allowed, GMO seeds prohibited
  • Synthetic, copper-based, and petrochemical-based pesticides
  • Hormonal sex reversal not permitted on fish
  • Fish feed that contains medications, hormones, or human/animal waste are prohibited

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