Tuesday 13 September 2016

Agribusiness Mergers highlight the need for more aquaponics production

Canadian farmers are concerned over the possibility of higher prices and less competition from the pending merger of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan and Calgary-based Agrium Inc.

Update September 14, 2016: Now it looks like Monsanto agreed to sell itself to Bayer AG, in a $57 billion deal that would create a new agricultural mega-company.

This highlights the importance of diversifying farming methods. Aquaponics does not rely on the chemical fertilizers that comprise 25% of the input costs, or the herbicides and pesticides that comprise another 25% of traditional farming input costs.

The use of herbicides kill important microorganisms and leave soil lifeless. A recent study by the University of Colorado argues, "the erosion of soil fertility is masked by a 'soup of nutrients' poured over the crop lands, giving us a false sense of security."

For more on the Agrium-Potash merger click the CBC link

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