Thursday 24 November 2016

Canada's First Aquaponic Food Bank Farm

This is an update to our previous post on the Mississauga aquaponic foodbank project. They are now up and running and it's looking good. The current small system can produce 2000 heads of lettuce and 57 kg of fish per year and hope to expand in the future.

Click here for CBC's coverage of the farm.

Executive director Chris Hatch said donations of fresh produce were down at the Mississauga Food Bank, which led them to look at alternatives to farming. (CBC )

They are producing 40 heads of lettuce a week off this small system.

Black Nile and silver tilapia swim in tanks at Mississauga Food Bank's aquaponic farm. (CBC)

Filtration system keeps the water clear and removes solids. The plants remove the excess nitrogen.

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