Thursday, 16 May 2019

Urban Organics is Closing

We have written about the Urban Aquaponics in the past. It is located in an old brewery in St. Paul. The sad news is that it is now closing completely by June 14 and letting go 27 employees according to an article in the Star Tribune.

David Haider, left, explains the operation to St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman
The company was founded in 2013 Dave and Kristen Haider as a smaller operation that catered to local chefs. Pentair approached the couple several years ago about a potential partnership and this led to the massive expansion at the Schmidt Brewery, which was heralded as one of the world’s largest commercial aquaponics systems when it opened in 2017. Pentair bought out the founders, becoming the sole owner, a year ago.

A Pentair spokeswoman said “the realization of the business model did not meet our expectations.” They also said this decision isn’t an indictment on indoor aquaculture as a whole. “We continue to believe there is a long-term strategy for aquaponics in urban areas, however the realization of the business model did not meet our expectations”

Click here for a virtual tour of the facility.

Read more about the closure here ... 

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