Wednesday, 1 April 2020

This Pandemic is Putting Our Food Supply at Risk

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Canada’s food supply at risk as pandemic tightens borders to farm workers. The coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult for farmers to bring in temporary workers to plant crops on time, a problem that threatens Canada’s food supply. Time is of the essence. Spring is here – seeds need to be planted, orchard trees pruned and thinned, fields prepped for the season, equipment fixed and irrigation systems set up. Each year, tens of thousands of workers do the jobs many Canadians have traditionally avoided. Though legally allowed to enter Canada, the majority have not yet arrived. Without labour soon, yields could fall, affecting Canada’s food supply.

The United States may face similar problems. CNBC reports that the coronavirus policies are hitting already struggling US farmers. The pandemic has sent U.S. farmers into a panic after it further drove down crop and livestock prices and raised concerns about labor shortages on farms. Farm trade groups are lobbying the Trump administration to give financial aid for farmers enduring price drops, as well as timely visas for seasonal workers from Mexico who will pick crops on U.S. farms this year. 

It's time to start growing your own food.

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