There is so much available on the internet, but we hope to help you sift through it by listing who we think are the best and most reliable resources of information.

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Dr. James Rakocy

Dr. Rakocy was formerly the Director of the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) Agricultural Experiment Station and a Research Professor of Aquaculture. Known as the “Father of Aquaponics,” Rakocy obtained his PhD in aquaculture from Auburn University in 1980.

Much of Dr. Rakocy's research is foundational to what is happening today in aquaponics and is available on the internet. Click here to get his story in his own words.

Here are some articles written by him:

Dr. Nick Savidov (Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Savidov is an internationally recognized expert in aquaponics. He has been involved with aquaponic research and development for 11 years. His aquaponic design innovations include aerobic bio-digestion (to recover nutrients and water), full automation (reducing labor and increasing efficiency), and more efficient oxygenating systems that increase yields.

He was born and raised in his native Russia, where he received his Ph.D. degrees in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry in Russian State Agricultural University in Moscow in 1991. He conducted his postdoctoral studies in Plant Biochemistry Lab in Ben-Gurion University in Israel before he moved to Canada in 1997, where he continued his research in Plant Molecular Biology Lab at University of Alberta till 2001.

Dr. Savidov then assumed the position of the Leader of Research Greenhouse Crops Program at Crop Diversification Centre South with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in 2001, where he worked on a variety of projects related to greenhouse production including aquaponics and biochar.

At present, Dr. Nick Savidov is a Senior Research Scientist at Lethbridge College.

Here are some articles:

Dr. Wilson Lennard

Dr. Lennard is a PhD graduate from RMIT University in Australia with 10 years of practical commercial aquaponics experience and knowledge. He is skilled in research and engineering and has experience in associated aquatic disciplines. His professional scientific career spans almost 20 years. He is partnering with Dr. Rakocy to write a book on aquaponics and his full bio can found here (scroll down).

Here are some articles:

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC)

The Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) is one of five regional aquaculture centers established by US Congress. Projects that are developed and funded by SRAC are based on industry needs and are designed to directly impact commercial aquaculture development in the Southern Region.

Universities and Colleges with Aquaponic programs

The Best Engineering Book On Recirculating Systems

This book is a fantastic resource if you're looking to actually size your components using engineering principles: Timmons, M.B., Ebeling, J.M., Wheaton, F.W., Summerfelt, S.T., Vinci, B.J., 2002. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: 2nd edition. Cayuga Aqua Ventures.

It's very hard to find however for a decent price.

Promoters and Popularizers of Aquaponics

Food Safety Certification

Aquaponics Association Provisional GAP
CanadaGAP - food safety program for companies that handle fruits and vegetables
NSF International - Independent accredited certification
Aquaponics Food Safety Process Control Example
Organic Aquaculture Guidelines for Canada
Update on Organic Certification in Canada

The Aquaponics Association has developed a set of provisional Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for aquaponics, a first step in enabling future food safety audits for large aquaponics operations.

Recommendations include:
  • Removing solid fish waste from the system especially when producing leafy greens
  • Preventing system water from touching the edible parts of the plants.
  • Avoid using media beds as a place to mineralize solids
Click to view the online version of the Provisional GAPs.

Study of Aquaponic Water Food Safety from U of Hawaii

Useful Contacts Regarding Fish

Licenses for Fish

Do You Need A Licence? - Aquaponics Licensing Flowchart
DFO Freshwater/Land‐Based Aquaculture licence: Freshwater.aquaculture@dfo‐
Introductions & Transfers Licence: famitc@dfo‐
CFIA Import permit:


Sumas Lake Aquafarm - Abbotsford, BC - Chris Rempel:
MDM Aqua Farms ltd. - (403) 368-2134
Aqua Grow Enterprises - Yang Qian (403) 815-8063
NOA Fisheries - Jason (416) 546-6623
Northern Tilapia - Lindsay, ON- Gary Chapman at


North Shore Fish Farms - Kingsville, ON - (519) 326-0940


ON and Quebec - FishFarmSupply Links
BC - Miracle Springs
AB - Ackenberry Trout Farm; Allen's Trout Farm
BC - Okanagan Koi & Water Gardens

University of Guelph-Alma Aquaculture Research Station -
Federal Dept of Fisheries & Oceans- Aquaculture -
Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance -
Canadian Center for Fisheries Innovation
Fresh Water Fisheries of BC